20 Years Devoted to Elevating Nonprofit Organizations from the Inside Out.

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STACEY WEDDING has been called the fairy godmother of nonprofits. She has spent her last 20 years devoted to elevating nonprofit organizations from the inside out, seemingly by magic. Her clever approach to creating harmony within the organizations she works with really does make you wonder where she keeps her magic wand. In the beginning, Stacey’s career led her from the Corporate Communications Department of NV Energy (formerly Nevada Power Company) to Ballard Communications, a Las Vegas based public relations firm, where she received two prestigious Pinnacle Awards for her work. Stacey is part of an elite group of just 150 worldwide Board Governance Trainers certified by BoardSource, and the only one in her home State of Nevada, with an extensive list of clients who reap the benefits of her service to show it.

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1) Engaging and Inspiring

2) Boots on the Ground Experience

3) Tailor-made for Your Audience



  • ZTackling the Elephants in Your Boardroom
  • ZShake Up and Wake Up Your Board Meetings
  • ZWhat They Never Tell You in the Interview: The Nitty Gritty of Joining a Nonprofit Board
  • ZThe Secret Sauce of Board Chair-Executive Director Partnerships
  • ZLeading a Nonprofit Takes Guts and Givership
  • ZThe Science of Giving: How Giving Back is Good for Your Health


In the words of those who have benefited from Stacey’s expertise…

Stacey provided very useful information and examples on how to improve our board’s impact on the organization and the community. I can’t wait to implement these best practices.

Carolyn Wheeler

Stacey is a terrific facilitator and provided thought provoking questions and ideas that allow for honest discussions. Highly recommend.

Scot Rutledge Board Member, HopeLink
Scot Rutledge

I have served on several professional and community boards for 38 years. Never have I learned the valuable things I learned today. This will help me in my Board responsibilities.

Attendee of Storytelling Workshop

Stacey Wedding is a nonprofit fairy godmother!

Angelica Clemmer

There are no substitutes for experience and passion. Stacey brings both.

Patrick Callihan

What’s on Stacey’s Mind